A Taste of Things to Come

Tay has just updated our myspace page with some new music we've been playing with-just demos mind you. Music is going to play a big part of the wedding, so you might wanna prepare yourselves now and check it out.


It Begins (Offically)

Wow. What a week.

Tay and I have just returned from Charlotte for Thanksgiving. We ate (salmon, of course), we played games, and had fun. More importantly we got a lot done for the wedding. We visited the big house+grounds that Tay and his rents checked out before. Its a great place, one that (I think) really fits us as a couple. Its vintage and open. In other words...its the place! We've decided to have the ceremony in front of the arbor, then have the guests walk through it into the walled garden for the after party. There's going to be food and dancing in there. The accompanying house will be used for the bride's party and the the carriage house will be used for the groom and groomsmen. So we can check that off. Phew.

We had the engagement party on Saturday. The turnout was great. Over 150 people I would guess. Tay and I stood for three hours, it was exhausting. But we made it through, and we received some gifts and advice (the best advice being : "whatever she says is right.) Tay and I spent the following Sunday afternoon writing a billion thank you notes.

On (a very cold) Monday morning we took some more engagement photos with Tays good friend Jenna (because 3,000 just wasn't enough for us). Jenna is a beginning photographer looking to expand her portfolio. She didn't have many couples on the books, so she asked us. It was a blast! We went to a seriously creepy house where I'm sure some terrible crimes have occurred. Then we went downtown and found some graffiti riddled trains, an old soup kitchen, a ghetto car repair shop, and finally a chain link fence featuring some crazy colorful art. It was cold but fun. Check out Jenna's site to see us.


Love it

Anyone who knows Taylor knows he loves crazy socks. Why not share the love?


A Little Mood Music, Anyone?

So, I just came back from the Coldplay concert here at Oklahoma City, and it was amazing. Sadly, Courtney didn't get to go, but when I got back we started talking about music for our wedding. Here are just a few songs you can expect to hear at the reception (though maybe we'll decide to play some of these, who knows):

Coldplay- Death and All His Friends, Green Eyes, In My Place

Ryan Adams- Winding Wheel

Jamie Cullum- I Only Have Eyes For You

Ray Charles- What'd I Say, I Got A Woman

John Mayer- Heart of Life, Wheel, Daughters, Clarity, Bold As Love

G. Love- Sunshine

Dave Matthews Band- Crash

Amos Lee- Arms of a Woman

Andy Davis- Earth and Venus

B.B King- Waiting On You

Beach Boys- Help Me Rhonda, California Girls, I Get Around

Beatles- Here Comes the Sun, Something, Oh Darling, Back In the USSR, In My Life, Got To Get You Into My Life, When I'm Sixty Four, and more, no doubt.

Ben Folds- Zak and Sara

Ben Harper- Paris Sunset #7, Steal My Kisses

Ben Kweller- Run, I Need You Back, I Gotta Move, Penny On A Train Track

Billy Joel- The Entertainer

Bob Dylan- Like A Rolling Stone, You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go

Derek Webb- I Wanna Marry You All Over Again

Ella Fitzgerald- You're The Top

The Verve- Bittersweet Symphony

Kanye West- Stronger (Edited, no worries)

Weezer- We'll have to go through their stuff and pick...

Polyphonic Spree- Light And Day

Vampire Weekend- A-Punk

Ok, those are just some ideas. Courtney and I will have to go through my oodles of music and pick out solid songs that will be fun to dance to, and not just songs we really like. So we'll work on that. We're also going to have help from Tom Keith who has an enormous music collection and a great feel for good music. Just thought I'd give a little music update. I'll be back later with info on the ceremony itself and on other ideas we've had. God bless and go sit somewhere and listen a song all the way through. Let it speak to you, and don't be afraid to react to the song, whether you remain still or jump around or cry or just nod your head. Have a great week.



Back. And Better Than Ever.

Hi kids,

Sorry, Tay and I have been totally overwhelmed by the musical. But its all done now. It was great by the way. I hope some of you got to come out and see it, its was a real blast and a pleasure to be in. If you want to check out what it was like, check out my School Blog:
Backstage Pass.
Anyway, back to business. We're having an engagement party at Tays rent's place in Charlotte over Thanksgiving break. I've never had an engagement party before (duh) so I'm not entirely sure what to expect. Tay and I will be playing a little which should be fun. All in all its going to be a casusal, fun, meet Tay's main sqeeze party thing. Yay! Party. So thats life right now. Here's a little picture bliss.


A Sweet Treat. Or Seven...teen.

Who doesn't like candy?


I Love *This* Man

I feel the need to be a total goober and gush about the handsome face above. That's right, I'm marrying that man...with the face. And why? You may be asking (after taking a gander then shuddering). Because he is not only good to me and his mom, but to everyone around him. He's just all around nice. And in the crazy, mixed up, selfish, backwards world we're living in today, a little Christian kindness counts for a lot. Example: he bought me a professional racing bathing suit, the kind that go down to your knees (think Phelps), just so I would feel more comfortable exercising at the pool. He helps me buy my groceries, makes me dinner and even rubs my feet after long rehearsals. What a guy. Who wouldn't want to come home to that everyday? I can't wait to.
Love you, Che.


I Have No Words For This...



Register (to get stuff)

I'm told it's time to register for all that awesome wedding junk that married couples get for getting hitched. So Tay and I have been working on getting those up and running for you to check out. We have a couple options with many different things on there. The coolest one (in my opinion) is the Ten Thousand Villages- a fair trade group that enables you to purchase hand made stuff for your homes without all that economically irresponsible blech. Even if you don't really see yourself purchasing anything from there, take a look anyway; there are some really neat items on the site. To enable those who prefer more mainstream stores, we've also enlisted Macy's. While they don't have the cleanest record, they seem to be ok as long as you avoid Kohl's.We'll keep updating and adding stuff, maybe another registry, who knows? We are doing our best to avoid Walmart or Target. Did you know they are some of the worst sweatshop employers in the world? Yeah. No thanks. Thus the more nontraditional registries. Now, just because we aren't registering at some of the bigger stores doesn't mean we are going to turn our noses up at anything. Believe us, we will be most grateful for any gift we receive. That being said, we Love you all!

Ck and TW

Urban Outfitters- Check wishlists For Taylor and Courtney Walling (Charlotte, NC). This is primarily for fun, funky decorating...comfy house stuff along with a few super causual dishes. We think our college friends in particular will love this stuff (also anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously). At least take a look if you're in need of a giggle.
Macy's- Check wedding registries for Taylor and Courtney Walling ( I think), October 09. This is all the fancy dining/kitchen/electronics/baking stuff. We're pretty sure if you don't find stuff on the other registries (or you're not a hippie) you'll dig the stuff on this one. There are literally a billion and half things on here with tons of price ranges. So have at it. (And Thanks!) By the way, those of you on the ball- this one won't be in the system for a few days, so give it until next week probably.
Ten Thousand Villages -Check for Taylor Walling. This one is just awesome. It has some casual glass ware, linens, and homey stuff that married people sign up for. This one is our favorite as its all handmade and fair trade.


Color Me Pretty.

Remember that day long long ago when I promised you a scan of the wedding colors? Well, today I deliver.

You like? I certainly do. The big chunk at the top is the vintage curtain that Mum and I found in Butte this summer. This is the fabric that will be the sash on the brides maids. Love it!


Engagment Photos Continued


A Little Inspiration

Check out these awesome boutonnieres. Cool right?


It's decided. The big date. Drum Roll.....

Oct. 10th, 2009.

That's one whole year today to get this thing underway. Oh man. Its gonna be something.
Now we just have to figure everything else out...


A Little Help from Our Friends.

Hey everybody! Don't you just love the freedom that Friday brings?!

Anyway, Tay came up with a groovy idea for wedding party gifts. We have a wonderful friend, Josh, who went to Africa with Wishing Well. He has an awesome clothing company, Gilgal Clothing. They just so happen to have the coolest tee-shirts in the world. How about this one for everybody---

Go to the site and click on the green shirt on the end. It says "Come Thou Fount", which is one of my favorite songs IN THE WORLD and also one that Tay and I would love to perform at the wedding--- Sigh. Love Love Love Fridays.

check 'em out!



Some Inspiration

Momma sent me some wedding books in the mail. Thanks Mom! Its provided some much needed inspiration on the wedding front. My favorite idea, which Tay LOVES, is paper lanterns. I think we're in agreement about having a tent as the location, hopefully in front of the groovy arbour Tay's rents scoped out. As it turns out, paper lanterns are super affordable and come in tons of crazy colors, sizes and shapes. We could go with one color in tons of sizes, or mix and match to our hearts desire. Tell me that a tented ceiling full of paper lanterns wouldn't be just awesome. I dare you.

Lanterns: http://www.lunabazaar.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=230&gclid=CJz16tGQhZYCFQSwFQodoT0uFw


Location Location Location

Tay and his rents checked out a few places that have some ceremony potential. My favorite so far is this one:

I think that arbor would be so cool to use, don't you? The house and lands are one big estate with an annabellum house in the middle. Isn't it cute? Just imagine how pretty it would be in the fall, with all the leaves. mmmmm I love fall. More location stuff later.


By George, I think I've Got it!

Engagement Photo Album

This...should...be the entire engagement album.....(Fingers crossed).

Another album

I've found a speck of time to put up another album. Incidentally, if you're addicted to this blog (however unlikely) I have another one, a vlog to be exact. This year I've been hired by OC to be a student blogger. I'm giving a first time look into backstage life to all you civilians out there. I hope you check it out.





Ok, So I'm learning Photobucket. Actually I'm learning I'm not so good at it. I'll try to figure out how link stuff better. Give me a little time on that puppy. Until then, enjoy this:


Its my second job at OC- OC student blogger! Enjoy.


Good News!

We have an album! Joel has been so kind as to set one up here:


I get the feeling it will be updated every once and while. We'll let you know. In the mean time, tell us what you think!
I'm working on making it show up on the blog....let me get back to you on that one. Any tips, anyone?

This is the first album. I'll get more albums up in the next few days.



OK OK, A Few More.

My new personal favorite:
It just SCREAMS wedding invitations.


The Skinny

Hey folks (and Mom),
Sorry we don't have an album up yet. With over 2,500 pictures to choose from, you can imagine the massive job dear, sweet, wonderful Joel has ahead of him. (Not to mention the possibility of yet another shoot so Joel can play with his new $4,000 camera) So, to satisfy a few restless blog fans....ahem Mrs. Linden....I'll give you the run down on just how the massive project went.

I gave the power to Tay and Joel, "Come up with what ever and we'll do it". I in no way regret this as the team came up with some pretty awesome shots. Tay wanted to go with a theme: recreating some classic and funny images from movies and around OC. Here's what they came up with (in order of shoot):

1: Film Noir--Tays favorite movie genre, and basically a reason to break out the hats. I wore my favorite, a black 1960's cocktail dress, and tay wore his grey three peice suit and fedora.
2: Aviator--We busted out our shades and some awesome vintage we had lying around for this puppy. I wore a vintage navy and red uniform while Tay got in some military getup. The lighting was great, the clouds were beautiful and Joel had blast capturing it all. ...Also Casey climbed a tree.
3: Prison Break--It turns out Jeremy, Tays roomie has a prison jump suit (the real deal). So he got dressed up as a convict, while I donned a vintage ladies pin stripe suit, what else would a classy lawyer wear? We spent a great deal of time running up and down the bible building steps (in heels).
4: OC engage-tastic-- We played up the cheesy, typical OC forum engagement shots. Nerdy clothes, stiff poses, and RIDICULOUS faces abound.
5: Glamour-- We were given a generous and rare opportunity to use the recital hall stage and the beautiful grand. I put on my creamy colored silk gown and Tay put on a tux. Elegant...and probably the only ones our parents will be unashamed to frame.
6: The next day we reshot some of the glamor shots to try some different lighting.
7: 1920's speak easy-- Another ridiculous idea that can only be given justice with actual pictures. me-sparkly dress and havy makeup (think Lillian Gish/Mary Pickford). Tay-bowtie, tangtop, suit vest. Hilarious.
8: Band shots-- in the recital hall again. We brought together a bunch of friends. It was BYOI (bring your own instrument). We sat in the seats and then moved to the stage for some gorrvy, relaxed group shots. I believe the term is chil-laxed.
9: Solo shots-- the final shoot? Just Tay and I on guitar and auto harp, rockin out and looking like we're in love.

It was al ot. Understatement. It was a ton. Joel was great, and I'm excited to see some of the edited pictures from the second day. We'll keep you posted on the album jazz.


Oy Vey, The Pictures Already

8 Shoots, 42 Hours and exactly 2,687 pictures later, We have engagement photos. Wow, what a weekend. Our wonderful friend, and talented Photographer extraordinaire, Joel H. did the honors, snapping a ton a really great moments, and also some incredibly silly ones. Tay and I would like to publicly thank those who helped us pull it all off:

Casey - Model, hat holder and props lady
Jeremy- Model and a wee bit o' transportation
Cayla G- Model, Hair MIRACLE WORKER
Ryan P- Model
Keith E- Model
Joel H- The most amazing man who ever lived (after Jesus)
It was a ton a fun, and completely, wonderfully Tay and I. We're picking bunches of keepers out of the thousands presently, and will be able to post them soon after some editing. Keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then, here are a few to wet your whistle.

You thought we were kidding about the prison jumpsuit, didn't you?


Is it Legal to Steal This Idea?!


Sample City.

I got my fabric samples today! And I've already picked the one. I think its some silk organza...thing. I've sent them an email asking what exactly it is. Well, I know what it is...BEAUTIFUL. I'll try to steal a camera and get a picture. I love that its not white, but a creamy white. I might be able to get them to tea dye it to a creamier color. **crosses fingers** We'll see. Next stop: Measurement Town.


Photo Phunn continued

This Saturday is going to be a very photo phuntastic day indeed as our very good friend Joel will be snapping some engagement pictures for us. Tay and Joel are brimming with ideas already...whispers of movie scene recreations and 'prison jumpsuit' abound....I'm excited to see what they come up with. It's going to be a blast. They'll be up as soon as we get 'em!

Classic Ck and Che.


Photo phunn

An interesting engagement picture background.....? **rubs hands together mischievously**



Green Appeal

How about this little betty for a strapless dress coverup?


Three Reasons Why I'm Excited

Don't you just LOVE the fall? I do. To quote a very girly and autumn appropriate movie: "It makes me want to buy school supplies". Ten bucks if you can quote the movie.
Why I am so excited today, the concerned reader may be asking? Three Reasons:

Whirling Turbans has sent my fabric samples. They're on their way and should be arriving any day now!

I re-dyed/bleached my hair last night with a fresh coat of oil slick black (and white streaks! Its skunk-a-riffic today).

My boy comes home tomorrow! Thus the hair re-dyeing....also eyebrow shaping and leg shaving. Its tough being pretty.

All that said, find something in your day today that makes you happy to be alive. Or you can borrow my fabric swatch happiness, because that's just plain exciting.


Guest Lists = Consternation

I'm currently sitting on my 3rd floor veranda attempting to wrap my mind around the guest list. How the heck does anyone figure all this out without their brains exploding? Advice anyone?
Do you invite everyone, knowing they wont all accept....or do you limit it to the actual guest number? Who do you cut out and who exactly HAS to have an invitation anyway?

Anyone? Bueller?


Not your typical wedding jewelry

I just love birds. And silhouettes. Tay and I are hoping to incorporate both of these into the wedding theme. Along those lines, check out this awesome oxidized brass necklace created by Jalea. Her shop is chock full of groovy pieces like my favorite below.


You May Now Kiss the Groom

Just found this.

edit: Casey is a photographic genius.


I want it!

No 50 foot long veil for this gal. Nope. I want this little birdcage veil so bad...it actually hurts to look at.




Love it.


I have two "yes"es from two lovely ladies who will be my ...bridesmaids....or something close to them anyway. Chuppa pole holders? I don't know. My posse. There. My main lady, Casey L from Fort Worth, TX will be the posset of honor (its like posse, but singular and female!). My sister Olivia, hailing from my home town of Helena, MT will the other, oh so fortunate lady. I'm so happy to have these two by my side, and they will look fab!

Look at my Casey in Action! Isn't she pretty? AND she has a faux hawk, which (ahem) she'd better have for the wedding.



How about this for a cozy little wedding gown cover up?

Contact Atlast!

I'm pleased to report I've been in contact with the wonderful ladies at Whirling Turbans! Mindra, my main contact is preparing niche for me in their Bali based shop as I type. First step: the laborious process of picking a fabric. I've only begun and I'm exhausted already. I'm aiming for a nice heavy silk satin, a creamy color, but I've also requested samples of an interesting looking silver Ikat and what ever else they think could be promising. I should be getting my fabric swatches in a week or two. Hooray for weddings.

Per Onawa's request, here is the link to their wedding page: http://www.whirlingturban.com/vintage_wedding_dresses.htm


The Dress Train is a rollin'

Now that we have colors and fabrics laid out, the fun part begins... choosing the bridesmaid dress patterns. Of course I want a vintage feel to follow the wedding dress, so I've done some searching and found a few winners. Mind you, the colors will be a soft blue and olive (?) green, the bridesmaids having two differently colored dressed, with the silk fabric sash we found. Take a look at a few ideas below:


Wedding Dress Options Continued

I haven't heard back from Whirling Turbans (Le Sigh), however, I still have faith they will contact me with a price quote very soon (especially after my polite reminder email). In the meantime, here's another lovely vintage-y wedding dress option:

I've been carrying this photo around for years. I saw it in one of my friends magazines and ripped it out. "Mine!" To be honest, this is "the dress" I've pictured since first seeing it three years ago. I've looked for suit patterns similar to it, thinking maybe someday I might be able to recreate it. Here is a vogue pattern that could have potential:

The suit jacket and full skirt is what interested me. While not a perfect match, they are closer than what I've seen so far. With the expertise of a talented seamstress, and I know a few.... I think its still an option (all be it a stretch of one). The reason its still somewhat under consideration (even though its a more complicated option) is because Tay loves it. His initial reaction to the first option from whirling Turban was a little underwhelmed because like me, he sees the dress above on that special day. Sigh. So this makes option number two. Tune in for more!


By George, We've Got It

Yesterday, Mum, Olivia and I went on a little wedding excursion in search of inspiration. I'm pleased to report it was a very successful trip. We visited Rediscoveries in Butte, possibly the best Vintage shop in Montana. There we found exactly what we were hoping for: a color scheme in the form of a beautiful 1940's silk curtain panel (pictures to come). It has just about all the colors Tay and I love; lots of greens, a little light turquoise, some creamy browns and a little black. From there, things seemed to snowball. Moments later I happened upon about three yards of a very light bluish-green 1940's slipper satin. Very shiny, very soft, and oh so matchy. Now we not only had a color scheme, but the fabric for a bridesmaid dress- light Turquoise, with the curtain panel print for a sash. Yay! But wait, it gets better....

We popped over to Bozeman to check out Totally Vintage Apparel, a super groovy vintage shop crammed full with hats, shoes, funky circle skirts and one very large, very drooly black great dane. Of course I tried on all the hats, just as I had at Rediscoveries (two of which Rediscoveries will hold on to for me). It was a fun little side trip, but little did we know, fate was calling us downtown... I spotted a little store called "Hey Day". It was featuring our new color scheme in the window, so we just had to go in. Hey Day is a another funky store selling kitchen and bedroom wares. Mom found a pile of ribbon that perfectly matched not only the greens in the pattern, but the light turquoise in the slipper satin! Ka-razy. Needless to say, Mom bought a TON. In summary, we now have colors, bridesmaid dress fabric, and ribbon for ...what ever ribbon is used for in a wedding. Yay! The next few goals: a general guest list, a pattern for bridesmaid dresses, and the beginnings of announcements and invitations (featuring graphic designer extraordinaire Onawa L.).




The Foundation of Our Choices

It's important for us to communicate right off the bat that the reason Courtney and I are making several non-traditional and offbeat choices is because we feel these choices best illustrate who we are as a couple, and all of our choices help to remind us that God is the most important part of our union. I know that Courtney and I would never survive as a couple without God, and we will never be a strong couple if we don't trust in God. Because marrying someone is one of the biggest steps you can take in your life, we've tried our best to make every intentional effort to keep God at the forefront of our minds throughout this process. I believe that an engagement, or a commitment, or a fast, or any choice that involves marrying someone should be wholly rooted in a common love for God and a realization that the love between two people comes from God.

I admit that the traditional engagement seems a little too exclusive to the couple, instead of being a reminder to the couple and to everyone who knows them that God is the reason for any union. On top of that, Courtney and I have talked and prayed and decided that some of the traditions in weddings are simply there because people have been doing them for years without wholeheartedly questioning why. While we're not saying those traditions are particularly bad or foolish, neither Courtney nor I wish to be caged in as a couple by traditions that we don't really like.

All that to say, we hope our choices as a couple simply remind you of God and the blessings He continues to shower upon all of us, because I wouldn't have Courtney if God hadn't blessed me with her.

Otherwise, this wedding is going to be a lot of fun and I'm excited to see how else we can make our wedding as creative and spiritual as possible. Thanks for reading, and please pray for us as we begin this wonderful, scary, stressful, exciting journey.




"Let the Tree Hug You"

I did a little poking around on the web and found (via the fantastic Offbeat Bride crew) Simple wooden Rings at http://www.simplywoodrings.com/ . Wow. These mama-jammas are little pieces of art. The best part? They are completely ecologically responsible-- no blood diamonds here. We love this wedding set in Mahogany or Rosewood. (Mahogany because it's beautiful, and Rosewood because it is what most stringed instruments...guitars....are made of--symbolism!)

Each ring is lovingly hand crafted from any selection of wood you choose. You can even send in your own. Just imagine wearing that violin you've loved so much on your finger forever. Care is easy, just avoid prolonged water exposure. And for only about $275 we can purchase matching rings. What a deal.


The Most Beauuuutiful Dress In The World

I don't know if you got the memo, but... I'm going to be the most beautiful bride in the history of the world. At least to Tay I will be. That said, I'm going to need the most beautiful dress in the history of the world. Thanks to my resourceful Mum, I think I might just have it in the bag. Presenting: Whirling Turbans (http://www.whirlingturban.com/). These amazing ladies in Bali, yes Bali, make one of a kind dresses for the vintage conscious lady. That's me! With one look at their print-packed website, I knew this was the place for me. This dress is what wowed me:

Isn't she a beauty?! That's a strapless petal bust, ladies and gentlemen. Petal Bust! Yes, this fabulous dress could be mine for the fabulous and thrifty price of....I have no idea. Yet. I've just completed a consultation email and sent if off. Hopefully I'll be hearing back from them soon. One thing I can be sure of: it will be far more original (as in one of a kind) and affordable than anything I could get at David's bridal (where wedding fashion goes to die). Blech! I've put forth this dreamy combination of wedding dress details:

Same strapless petal bust as the one on the left with a full circle skirt like the one on the right (fear not, the actual skirt is not that ...'Leave it to Beaver' ha-uge). I just can't easily picture getting wed in a body hugging skirt, call me old fashioned. I'd love to put a fun colored crinoline underneath, just so a little color peaks out. My choice of fabric would be a funky/classy brocade in cream or silver. The ones on the website are all brightly colored, so Mum and I might be finding our own to ship them if nothing comes in on their website soon.

Finally, I'd love to include this awesome, classy, so so sweet bolero on top. Sure, strapless is fun for funky dancing, but I'd love to cover up a bit for the actual marrying before God and my very tearful parents part. The fabric would match the dress for that super chic look. Yay!
Just think of the accessorizing possibilities. Les sigh. Funky colored pumps (maybe a print), pearls, or maybe silver. It makes a girl's head spin (and I haven't even included the awesome head piece/veil idea I have cooking). I'm getting pretty pumped to start making big decisions. We still have a little bit of time until we do that, but I'm ready to come charging out of the starting gate.

Look out world, here we come.



Color Choices anyone?

Partially because I have nothing else to do right now, partially because my Mom wants to see them, and partially because, heck, I wanna, I'm putting up some color pallets that Tay and I are considering for the wedding junk (invites and the like). Green is my absolute favorite color (it borders on a sickness) and Tay is lacking in the favorite color...ness, so all of our choices (so far) include green. Mind you, we still haven't set a date, and probably wont for another few weeks, so colors might change depending on season. Which ones do you like? Feel free to comment, you don't have to have an account to do so. If you need a larger veiw of the colors, just click on them.

This first little number features several shades of green ranging from limey to cool blue-green, a brownish color, and black and white. I like the idea of many shades of green, with the cleanliness of the black and white. It looks pretty classy to me. This one is super bold, a big plus for me and Tay.

This one to the right is somewhat similar but with a cool blue in there. I think it gives the color combo a jewel tone feel- pretty hip if you ask me. There isn't as much green, so maybe this would be a nice balance? There is also no black. A warm brown takes its place. This would be handy if the wedding takes place outside, I think. Not as bold as the first choice, but also probably more versatile, location and season wise.

This one is a lot more simple, just Cream, black and green, and maybe a little brown. I'm not completely into this one, it seems a little too subtle for me and Tay. Still, its probably a cheaper way to go---less color to incorporate. I think this one has a lot of room to bring in nature-y things---branches, leaves, birds, etc. I would like to put nature-y things in, but I'm not sure if Tay and I want to go the realistic route or a funkier route (yet to be revealed...).

This one to the right is cool because it has maroon in it, the closest thing to Tay's favorite color. It also has green (surprise!), and cream/white. I'm sure black would be added in as well. I don't think this is as funky as we'd like it. Maybe we could punch the colors up a bit and add more variations on the existing colors. I'm not completely in love with it, to be honest, but I really love the idea of putting maroon in there for the man, while keeping the green/white combo in.

So what do you think? Comment!



A little cultural flavor

Via Wikipedia: "The word chuppah originally appears in the Hebrew Bible (Joel 2:16; Psalms 19:5). The chuppah represents a Jewish home symbolized by the cloth canopy and the four poles. Just as a chuppah is open on all four sides, so was the tent of Abraham open for hospitality. Thus, the chuppah represents hospitality to one's guests. This "home" initially lacks furniture as a reminder that the basis of a Jewish home is the people within it, not the possessions."

Tay and I are thinking of making our own Huppah to say our vows under, not only because we want to incorporate lots of non traditional (At least, to us) ideas into our ceremony, but for the awesome reasons in the above wiki-article. We both hold the idea of Christianity as community very close to our hearts. We would like our hearts and therefore our home to always be open to everyone, i.e. the four open walls. We are also embracing the idea of being "stuff-less" or lacking. That is stripping ourselves of unwanted/un-needed possessions and wealth in order to depend on God more.

The question is...how do we go about making one? Research to come.

Offical? Or not Offical?

Tay and I have begun our version of the engagement. No rings, that's not our style. But we are vegetarians until the wedding. Its our fast of sorts to remind us of our call to spiritual and physical purity for another year. So is it "official" without the ring? It doesn't really bother us either way. Just know that we really like each other :) .
While we haven't nailed down a date yet, we're honing in on late summer to early fall 2009. We post info when we have it. We should be posting tons of fun stuff soon.
We've been so blessed by God to be together, and we want to share that joy will all of you, so please check back every once and while to get more wedding details. Be blessed,