The Most Beauuuutiful Dress In The World

I don't know if you got the memo, but... I'm going to be the most beautiful bride in the history of the world. At least to Tay I will be. That said, I'm going to need the most beautiful dress in the history of the world. Thanks to my resourceful Mum, I think I might just have it in the bag. Presenting: Whirling Turbans (http://www.whirlingturban.com/). These amazing ladies in Bali, yes Bali, make one of a kind dresses for the vintage conscious lady. That's me! With one look at their print-packed website, I knew this was the place for me. This dress is what wowed me:

Isn't she a beauty?! That's a strapless petal bust, ladies and gentlemen. Petal Bust! Yes, this fabulous dress could be mine for the fabulous and thrifty price of....I have no idea. Yet. I've just completed a consultation email and sent if off. Hopefully I'll be hearing back from them soon. One thing I can be sure of: it will be far more original (as in one of a kind) and affordable than anything I could get at David's bridal (where wedding fashion goes to die). Blech! I've put forth this dreamy combination of wedding dress details:

Same strapless petal bust as the one on the left with a full circle skirt like the one on the right (fear not, the actual skirt is not that ...'Leave it to Beaver' ha-uge). I just can't easily picture getting wed in a body hugging skirt, call me old fashioned. I'd love to put a fun colored crinoline underneath, just so a little color peaks out. My choice of fabric would be a funky/classy brocade in cream or silver. The ones on the website are all brightly colored, so Mum and I might be finding our own to ship them if nothing comes in on their website soon.

Finally, I'd love to include this awesome, classy, so so sweet bolero on top. Sure, strapless is fun for funky dancing, but I'd love to cover up a bit for the actual marrying before God and my very tearful parents part. The fabric would match the dress for that super chic look. Yay!
Just think of the accessorizing possibilities. Les sigh. Funky colored pumps (maybe a print), pearls, or maybe silver. It makes a girl's head spin (and I haven't even included the awesome head piece/veil idea I have cooking). I'm getting pretty pumped to start making big decisions. We still have a little bit of time until we do that, but I'm ready to come charging out of the starting gate.

Look out world, here we come.



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