Some Inspiration

Momma sent me some wedding books in the mail. Thanks Mom! Its provided some much needed inspiration on the wedding front. My favorite idea, which Tay LOVES, is paper lanterns. I think we're in agreement about having a tent as the location, hopefully in front of the groovy arbour Tay's rents scoped out. As it turns out, paper lanterns are super affordable and come in tons of crazy colors, sizes and shapes. We could go with one color in tons of sizes, or mix and match to our hearts desire. Tell me that a tented ceiling full of paper lanterns wouldn't be just awesome. I dare you.

Lanterns: http://www.lunabazaar.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=230&gclid=CJz16tGQhZYCFQSwFQodoT0uFw


Location Location Location

Tay and his rents checked out a few places that have some ceremony potential. My favorite so far is this one:

I think that arbor would be so cool to use, don't you? The house and lands are one big estate with an annabellum house in the middle. Isn't it cute? Just imagine how pretty it would be in the fall, with all the leaves. mmmmm I love fall. More location stuff later.


By George, I think I've Got it!

Engagement Photo Album

This...should...be the entire engagement album.....(Fingers crossed).

Another album

I've found a speck of time to put up another album. Incidentally, if you're addicted to this blog (however unlikely) I have another one, a vlog to be exact. This year I've been hired by OC to be a student blogger. I'm giving a first time look into backstage life to all you civilians out there. I hope you check it out.





Ok, So I'm learning Photobucket. Actually I'm learning I'm not so good at it. I'll try to figure out how link stuff better. Give me a little time on that puppy. Until then, enjoy this:


Its my second job at OC- OC student blogger! Enjoy.


Good News!

We have an album! Joel has been so kind as to set one up here:


I get the feeling it will be updated every once and while. We'll let you know. In the mean time, tell us what you think!
I'm working on making it show up on the blog....let me get back to you on that one. Any tips, anyone?

This is the first album. I'll get more albums up in the next few days.



OK OK, A Few More.

My new personal favorite:
It just SCREAMS wedding invitations.


The Skinny

Hey folks (and Mom),
Sorry we don't have an album up yet. With over 2,500 pictures to choose from, you can imagine the massive job dear, sweet, wonderful Joel has ahead of him. (Not to mention the possibility of yet another shoot so Joel can play with his new $4,000 camera) So, to satisfy a few restless blog fans....ahem Mrs. Linden....I'll give you the run down on just how the massive project went.

I gave the power to Tay and Joel, "Come up with what ever and we'll do it". I in no way regret this as the team came up with some pretty awesome shots. Tay wanted to go with a theme: recreating some classic and funny images from movies and around OC. Here's what they came up with (in order of shoot):

1: Film Noir--Tays favorite movie genre, and basically a reason to break out the hats. I wore my favorite, a black 1960's cocktail dress, and tay wore his grey three peice suit and fedora.
2: Aviator--We busted out our shades and some awesome vintage we had lying around for this puppy. I wore a vintage navy and red uniform while Tay got in some military getup. The lighting was great, the clouds were beautiful and Joel had blast capturing it all. ...Also Casey climbed a tree.
3: Prison Break--It turns out Jeremy, Tays roomie has a prison jump suit (the real deal). So he got dressed up as a convict, while I donned a vintage ladies pin stripe suit, what else would a classy lawyer wear? We spent a great deal of time running up and down the bible building steps (in heels).
4: OC engage-tastic-- We played up the cheesy, typical OC forum engagement shots. Nerdy clothes, stiff poses, and RIDICULOUS faces abound.
5: Glamour-- We were given a generous and rare opportunity to use the recital hall stage and the beautiful grand. I put on my creamy colored silk gown and Tay put on a tux. Elegant...and probably the only ones our parents will be unashamed to frame.
6: The next day we reshot some of the glamor shots to try some different lighting.
7: 1920's speak easy-- Another ridiculous idea that can only be given justice with actual pictures. me-sparkly dress and havy makeup (think Lillian Gish/Mary Pickford). Tay-bowtie, tangtop, suit vest. Hilarious.
8: Band shots-- in the recital hall again. We brought together a bunch of friends. It was BYOI (bring your own instrument). We sat in the seats and then moved to the stage for some gorrvy, relaxed group shots. I believe the term is chil-laxed.
9: Solo shots-- the final shoot? Just Tay and I on guitar and auto harp, rockin out and looking like we're in love.

It was al ot. Understatement. It was a ton. Joel was great, and I'm excited to see some of the edited pictures from the second day. We'll keep you posted on the album jazz.


Oy Vey, The Pictures Already

8 Shoots, 42 Hours and exactly 2,687 pictures later, We have engagement photos. Wow, what a weekend. Our wonderful friend, and talented Photographer extraordinaire, Joel H. did the honors, snapping a ton a really great moments, and also some incredibly silly ones. Tay and I would like to publicly thank those who helped us pull it all off:

Casey - Model, hat holder and props lady
Jeremy- Model and a wee bit o' transportation
Cayla G- Model, Hair MIRACLE WORKER
Ryan P- Model
Keith E- Model
Joel H- The most amazing man who ever lived (after Jesus)
It was a ton a fun, and completely, wonderfully Tay and I. We're picking bunches of keepers out of the thousands presently, and will be able to post them soon after some editing. Keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then, here are a few to wet your whistle.

You thought we were kidding about the prison jumpsuit, didn't you?


Is it Legal to Steal This Idea?!


Sample City.

I got my fabric samples today! And I've already picked the one. I think its some silk organza...thing. I've sent them an email asking what exactly it is. Well, I know what it is...BEAUTIFUL. I'll try to steal a camera and get a picture. I love that its not white, but a creamy white. I might be able to get them to tea dye it to a creamier color. **crosses fingers** We'll see. Next stop: Measurement Town.


Photo Phunn continued

This Saturday is going to be a very photo phuntastic day indeed as our very good friend Joel will be snapping some engagement pictures for us. Tay and Joel are brimming with ideas already...whispers of movie scene recreations and 'prison jumpsuit' abound....I'm excited to see what they come up with. It's going to be a blast. They'll be up as soon as we get 'em!

Classic Ck and Che.