A Suprise Dessert

I've been on a serious frozen yogurt kick lately. Tay's been pretty kind and has indulged me a time or two these past few weeks. Today I realized we have an ice cream maker! La duh. So I broke it out this morning an tried it out for first time. I found a great fro-yo recipe using Greek yogurt. Wow…that Greek stuff doesn’t mess around. Full milk fat, no sweeteners…don’t let your kids play with it unattended. But it sure makes a de-lish frozen treat. I surprised Tay tonight with 1: chicken cordon blu and 2: our own little pinkberry fro-yo station! I put out six toppings- raspberries, linyon berry preserves, blackberries, Mexican chocolate sauce, milk chocolate chunks and whopper pieces. I’m the best wife ever. I seriously suggest trying this for yourself!


The Tour

And now, with no further adue...the long awaited apartment tour:

The Apartment Tour from Courtney Walling on Vimeo.


All I need...

Tay's been up to some good.

Check out his latest contribution to Southeast Christian Church:

All We Need from Courtney Walling on Vimeo.

Tay didn't write it, but was asked to fill in for Kinetic Worship's usual spoken word guy (who isn't touring with them presently). Not bad for a high school worship session, eh?

check out kinetic worship.

Swing Low

A little taste of things from the past.

Brianna's EP Release Party from Courtney Walling on Vimeo.


Look Ma, I'm a Real Adult Now.

Hey folks.
After a month long break, I have returned!

Tay and I came back from the honeymoon (more on that in a future post) and immediately began settling in. Wow what a task that was. Fortunately for us, Tay has great (!) intern friends here at Southeast Christian, where he’s interning. They really pulled through for us- coming all way into town ( a good 20 minutes) at 11 at night and staying till 1:30 am to get everything in the apartment. Thanks you guys! It was also quite the task unpacking. It took a good week and a half to get everything off of the floor and out of boxes. It’s been a little refreshing playing housewife for the past three weeks- making lunch, cleaning, unpacking, painting. I like nesting, go figure. I have several projects going presently:
-cleaning up Louisville’s most over painted bathroom. Pictures to come.
-recovering a junked (and awesome) loveseat. Pictures to come.
-organizing the tiny kitchen. IKEA to the rescue
-finding a job. Oi Vey.

There you have it. Life in a nutshell. Keep checking in for nesting updates.