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You Really Should Read This.

Some people claim that Blogs are dead.

Obviously, I would disagree.  And so should you, seeing as you are reading one of the many FANTASTIC blogs on Al Gore's Internet.  Aside from the 'Nest, here's another not-dead blog you should read if the moment strikes you...Songs for Now . 

SFN is Husband's songwriting blog.  If you find the process of writing interesting or just want to hear a great tune, check into it from time to time. 

Also, Husband writes about me a lot....and I really like that.


Oh the Updates

Hey Folks,

We've been neglecting you, haven't we?  Life has a way of putting things in perspective, and for the last few months, blogging just hasn't been top dog.  But don't worry, I've been making lots of things, Husband has been writing losts of songs, and together we've been making pies and slowly expanding our waistlines.  And now that life has settled just a little bit, we can continue sharing our nest with you.

To make up for our terrible lack of updates, here are a few lovely bridal pictures from Red,White, and Green Photography (whom we love very much):

More to come.