Inspiration from Obession

Yes.  Sparrow is just as obsessed with Pinterest as the rest of the western world.  Searching for help on this matter.  Strangely, can't seem to find any local therapy groups for Pinteresticism.  ...

Found this the other day via the-site-which-shall-not-be-named:

From http://girllovesglam.blogspot.com/2012/03/organization-board-tutorial.html

It's the 'Get Organized Board' from Girl Loves Glam blog.  Anyone who knows Sparrow know's her love of Organization.  Within 20 minutes of seeing this post, Sparrow set out to make her own.

The challenge?  Incorperating the following onto one board:
  • Grocery List
  • Meal Planner
  • Two Seperate places for receips (one for home, one for the Band)
  • A billing schedule
  • To-Do list(s)
  • Pen Storage
  • Cleaning Schedule
  • Temporary Document Storage
The other challenge?  A budget of $50- meaning at least some of this junk would come from the Nest.  Fortunately, the Nest always has some junk to spare in these cases.  On hand, Sparrow had the World's Uglist Cork Board (3x5) and leftover paint in white and Sea Glass, along with hanging items.  After an hour's work, the Ugly cork board had a new outlook on life. 

Then it was off to the store, where Sparrow purchased the following:
  • Two Black 8x11 frames
  • Three Black 5x7 frames
  • One black bird wall hook
  • One paper pencil box
  • One small metal pail
  • One small chalkboard
  • Polka-dot craft tape
  • One box of four clips (in blue)
  • One box easy-remove mounting strips
This all came to $46.00.  Not bad (thank you Dollar Isle).

Where the most money was saved was in the organizers themselves.  Sparrow had a hangalbe grocery list on hand already (pink, but replacible in the future).  The to do list and weekly menu was available for free via glam girl's blog, and the rest where created by Sparrow. No need to buy calendars here!  The best part?  All the lists are framed and covered with glass so they're easy to write on and erase. 

After a little creative fussing, the board is 90 percent done.

See that big, empty space? There's still one empty frame left....something great will go there....eventually...stay tuned.

The pail holds extra tacks, stamps, tape- extra stuff.  While the little box has dry erase markers and an eraser.  Lovin' it.
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