A Taste of Things to Come

Tay has just updated our myspace page with some new music we've been playing with-just demos mind you. Music is going to play a big part of the wedding, so you might wanna prepare yourselves now and check it out.


It Begins (Offically)

Wow. What a week.

Tay and I have just returned from Charlotte for Thanksgiving. We ate (salmon, of course), we played games, and had fun. More importantly we got a lot done for the wedding. We visited the big house+grounds that Tay and his rents checked out before. Its a great place, one that (I think) really fits us as a couple. Its vintage and open. In other words...its the place! We've decided to have the ceremony in front of the arbor, then have the guests walk through it into the walled garden for the after party. There's going to be food and dancing in there. The accompanying house will be used for the bride's party and the the carriage house will be used for the groom and groomsmen. So we can check that off. Phew.

We had the engagement party on Saturday. The turnout was great. Over 150 people I would guess. Tay and I stood for three hours, it was exhausting. But we made it through, and we received some gifts and advice (the best advice being : "whatever she says is right.) Tay and I spent the following Sunday afternoon writing a billion thank you notes.

On (a very cold) Monday morning we took some more engagement photos with Tays good friend Jenna (because 3,000 just wasn't enough for us). Jenna is a beginning photographer looking to expand her portfolio. She didn't have many couples on the books, so she asked us. It was a blast! We went to a seriously creepy house where I'm sure some terrible crimes have occurred. Then we went downtown and found some graffiti riddled trains, an old soup kitchen, a ghetto car repair shop, and finally a chain link fence featuring some crazy colorful art. It was cold but fun. Check out Jenna's site to see us.