A Little Wedding Video to Whet Your Whistle

Thanks Ryan G.

In The Nest

Two glorious and exahusting weeks later, our honeymoon has come to a close.  Now it's time to make our cozy little nest in Louisville.  Speaking of which, you may have noticed a new look and title to the formerly "wedding" blog.  Now its our nesting blog. We'll be posting pictures from the wedding, honeymoon and move in soon when we get settled (and internet). 

Hope you've enjoyed our wedding adventure.  Hope you enjoy our life adventure too.

See you soon,


Not Long now

Today is the day.  I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep.  I think I'll take an early bath instead.

The clouds are hanging overhead and rain is threatening, but regardless of the weather God chooses to send our way, we're getting married one way or another!

So hoping that we can get married here at St. Peters, but if it's Providence Road CoC, I'm sure it will still be a beautiful/fun/I love Jesus/folk-rock fest explosion.

Love to all,  Pray for good weather.



Wedding Week Begins

I have now officially left Montana. The trip to Louisville was long…snowy….windy…and full of semis, but now I’m in Charlotte, tucked up all cozy in the massive guest room bed, and Cathryn has pampered me with some nice hot tea. Sigh. It’s good to be the bride.

Now the real wedding fun begins. Updates coming soon!


Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig.

I'm on my way to my new home and life!  Presently, I'm stationed at the Comfort Inn in Vermillion, South Dakota, though only for the night.  Tomorrow its 13 hours of driving and then I get to see Taylor for the first time in months!