Inspirational Picture #37

I'm not sure why, but this embodies everything the Knapp-Walling Wedding day is about.


Closing in on the Ring(s)

Hey Folks,

I've been thinking alot about the wedding bands lately. After looking at Simply Wooden Rings some more I've found something I'm madly in love with (other than Mr. Walling). She's a beut:
It's rosewood with a mother of pearl inlay. I've asked the artist about using other dark woods we'll see what he says. I love this!


Bridal Look #47

Once again, esty has inspired a new look idea for the wedding. Beautiful peices all handmade all wonderful and folksy.

Moving away from the traditional veil, how about a feather pad? Arent these lovely? The first one is two vintage peices combined to make this lovely ivory jewelled feather pad. Belcanto is filled with vintage peices made new with a little elbow grease.
This little jem is defiantely more colorful, a little outrageous even (of course, thats why I love it). Glittery Blue has this puppy and more, much more, ranging from Steamerpunk to vintage glam.
I love the jewelry she's made aswell. Like this little diddy. Of course I'm obsessed with sparrows, all the more reason to wear one! Perhaps I'm finally edging toward a real idea of what this contented little bride will be wearing?