Photo phunn

An interesting engagement picture background.....? **rubs hands together mischievously**



Green Appeal

How about this little betty for a strapless dress coverup?


Three Reasons Why I'm Excited

Don't you just LOVE the fall? I do. To quote a very girly and autumn appropriate movie: "It makes me want to buy school supplies". Ten bucks if you can quote the movie.
Why I am so excited today, the concerned reader may be asking? Three Reasons:

Whirling Turbans has sent my fabric samples. They're on their way and should be arriving any day now!

I re-dyed/bleached my hair last night with a fresh coat of oil slick black (and white streaks! Its skunk-a-riffic today).

My boy comes home tomorrow! Thus the hair re-dyeing....also eyebrow shaping and leg shaving. Its tough being pretty.

All that said, find something in your day today that makes you happy to be alive. Or you can borrow my fabric swatch happiness, because that's just plain exciting.


Guest Lists = Consternation

I'm currently sitting on my 3rd floor veranda attempting to wrap my mind around the guest list. How the heck does anyone figure all this out without their brains exploding? Advice anyone?
Do you invite everyone, knowing they wont all accept....or do you limit it to the actual guest number? Who do you cut out and who exactly HAS to have an invitation anyway?

Anyone? Bueller?


Not your typical wedding jewelry

I just love birds. And silhouettes. Tay and I are hoping to incorporate both of these into the wedding theme. Along those lines, check out this awesome oxidized brass necklace created by Jalea. Her shop is chock full of groovy pieces like my favorite below.


You May Now Kiss the Groom

Just found this.

edit: Casey is a photographic genius.


I want it!

No 50 foot long veil for this gal. Nope. I want this little birdcage veil so bad...it actually hurts to look at.




Love it.


I have two "yes"es from two lovely ladies who will be my ...bridesmaids....or something close to them anyway. Chuppa pole holders? I don't know. My posse. There. My main lady, Casey L from Fort Worth, TX will be the posset of honor (its like posse, but singular and female!). My sister Olivia, hailing from my home town of Helena, MT will the other, oh so fortunate lady. I'm so happy to have these two by my side, and they will look fab!

Look at my Casey in Action! Isn't she pretty? AND she has a faux hawk, which (ahem) she'd better have for the wedding.



How about this for a cozy little wedding gown cover up?

Contact Atlast!

I'm pleased to report I've been in contact with the wonderful ladies at Whirling Turbans! Mindra, my main contact is preparing niche for me in their Bali based shop as I type. First step: the laborious process of picking a fabric. I've only begun and I'm exhausted already. I'm aiming for a nice heavy silk satin, a creamy color, but I've also requested samples of an interesting looking silver Ikat and what ever else they think could be promising. I should be getting my fabric swatches in a week or two. Hooray for weddings.

Per Onawa's request, here is the link to their wedding page: http://www.whirlingturban.com/vintage_wedding_dresses.htm


The Dress Train is a rollin'

Now that we have colors and fabrics laid out, the fun part begins... choosing the bridesmaid dress patterns. Of course I want a vintage feel to follow the wedding dress, so I've done some searching and found a few winners. Mind you, the colors will be a soft blue and olive (?) green, the bridesmaids having two differently colored dressed, with the silk fabric sash we found. Take a look at a few ideas below: