Three Reasons Why I'm Excited

Don't you just LOVE the fall? I do. To quote a very girly and autumn appropriate movie: "It makes me want to buy school supplies". Ten bucks if you can quote the movie.
Why I am so excited today, the concerned reader may be asking? Three Reasons:

Whirling Turbans has sent my fabric samples. They're on their way and should be arriving any day now!

I re-dyed/bleached my hair last night with a fresh coat of oil slick black (and white streaks! Its skunk-a-riffic today).

My boy comes home tomorrow! Thus the hair re-dyeing....also eyebrow shaping and leg shaving. Its tough being pretty.

All that said, find something in your day today that makes you happy to be alive. Or you can borrow my fabric swatch happiness, because that's just plain exciting.


Michelle said...

ok so i don't think i have ever actually met you but I found you through Jennie williams blog and the only reason i am even commenting is because I so very rarely get movie quotes correct but I know this one!!! lol its from You've got mail :) Bouquet of sharpened pencils anyone? ;) Ok I am done :)

natalie said...

you've got mail?

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