Guest Lists = Consternation

I'm currently sitting on my 3rd floor veranda attempting to wrap my mind around the guest list. How the heck does anyone figure all this out without their brains exploding? Advice anyone?
Do you invite everyone, knowing they wont all accept....or do you limit it to the actual guest number? Who do you cut out and who exactly HAS to have an invitation anyway?

Anyone? Bueller?


Jennie said...

Invite everyone. There is no way everyone will come but, they usually feel bad and send gift cards. I hear the is nothing better than starting off a marriage with a hundred bigillion dollars in wal-mart gift cards.

But in all honesty, I wish there was a great rule. You are pathing your own path. Invite who you actually want there. God bless your life together.

onawa said...

INVITE EVERYONE!!! ARE YOU CRAZY?! We sent out like 300 or something nutty, but then like 100 came? But yes, Jennie is right, people who can't attend usually want to bless you and send a nice gift. Luckily these days that gift comes as a gift card. Back when we were wed, it was like a nightmare trying to return stuff we didn't need. You'll thank yourself later after you receive everything you'll need to dress your first house/apartment or whateve...... do it!

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