I promised Miss Casey that I would post some pictures of my latest TOMS adventure.  For those of you who don't know what TOMS are, its a shoe company that gives away one pair of matching new shoes to a needy child for every pair that you buy.  I'm working on my fourth pair currently, and Tay has had five or six.  I stumbled onto them about four years ago and thought they'd make a great birthday present for Tay.  I bought a white pair and decorated them with Tay's favorite writers. 

So there you have it, the begining of our TOMS craze. 

I wore my last pair, a lovely gift form my brothers in law, into the ground.  For my birthday I bought myself a new white pair to mark up.  We're hearing to Florida for a week's vacation and I wanted a sparkly new pair to break in.  So I did a little rush job and finished them yesterday.

Thats a bird on the left and a kitten on the right.  You'll notice the kitten is thinking of the bird and the bird is thinking of scribbles.
Tada!  Let the Florida fun begin!