I promised Miss Casey that I would post some pictures of my latest TOMS adventure.  For those of you who don't know what TOMS are, its a shoe company that gives away one pair of matching new shoes to a needy child for every pair that you buy.  I'm working on my fourth pair currently, and Tay has had five or six.  I stumbled onto them about four years ago and thought they'd make a great birthday present for Tay.  I bought a white pair and decorated them with Tay's favorite writers. 

So there you have it, the begining of our TOMS craze. 

I wore my last pair, a lovely gift form my brothers in law, into the ground.  For my birthday I bought myself a new white pair to mark up.  We're hearing to Florida for a week's vacation and I wanted a sparkly new pair to break in.  So I did a little rush job and finished them yesterday.

Thats a bird on the left and a kitten on the right.  You'll notice the kitten is thinking of the bird and the bird is thinking of scribbles.
Tada!  Let the Florida fun begin!


-Megan J W- said...

These are awesome Courtney!!
What did you use to decorate them? On the ones you just made for florida it looks like paint, but is it like a paint pen? or are you just awesome with a tiny brush?

ck said...

Thanks, Meg!

The first pair was just regular sharpie pen, which worked ok, accept for occasional running ink. The second pair I gessso-ed first, which is like a thick white sealing paint for priming canvas. Then I used Oil based pens to make the designs. The advantage is is totally worth the effort- the gesso sealed the shoes so now they'er waterproof, and the inks will never run. Try it! Its really run to customize your own pair of TOMS!

Mrs. Andrea Wood said...

You are the coolest chick I know!

spreadthelove said...

Wow, those are absolutely amazing! I paint some Converse of mine, but yours are utterly stunning.

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