Bridal Look #47

Once again, esty has inspired a new look idea for the wedding. Beautiful peices all handmade all wonderful and folksy.

Moving away from the traditional veil, how about a feather pad? Arent these lovely? The first one is two vintage peices combined to make this lovely ivory jewelled feather pad. Belcanto is filled with vintage peices made new with a little elbow grease.
This little jem is defiantely more colorful, a little outrageous even (of course, thats why I love it). Glittery Blue has this puppy and more, much more, ranging from Steamerpunk to vintage glam.
I love the jewelry she's made aswell. Like this little diddy. Of course I'm obsessed with sparrows, all the more reason to wear one! Perhaps I'm finally edging toward a real idea of what this contented little bride will be wearing?


Dr. Knapp said...

Hey if you go with the bright peacock feathers -- I have peacock feather earrrings I can lend you for your something borrowed :-) Just let me know.

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