Look Ma, I'm a Real Adult Now.

Hey folks.
After a month long break, I have returned!

Tay and I came back from the honeymoon (more on that in a future post) and immediately began settling in. Wow what a task that was. Fortunately for us, Tay has great (!) intern friends here at Southeast Christian, where he’s interning. They really pulled through for us- coming all way into town ( a good 20 minutes) at 11 at night and staying till 1:30 am to get everything in the apartment. Thanks you guys! It was also quite the task unpacking. It took a good week and a half to get everything off of the floor and out of boxes. It’s been a little refreshing playing housewife for the past three weeks- making lunch, cleaning, unpacking, painting. I like nesting, go figure. I have several projects going presently:
-cleaning up Louisville’s most over painted bathroom. Pictures to come.
-recovering a junked (and awesome) loveseat. Pictures to come.
-organizing the tiny kitchen. IKEA to the rescue
-finding a job. Oi Vey.

There you have it. Life in a nutshell. Keep checking in for nesting updates.


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