A Suprise Dessert

I've been on a serious frozen yogurt kick lately. Tay's been pretty kind and has indulged me a time or two these past few weeks. Today I realized we have an ice cream maker! La duh. So I broke it out this morning an tried it out for first time. I found a great fro-yo recipe using Greek yogurt. Wow…that Greek stuff doesn’t mess around. Full milk fat, no sweeteners…don’t let your kids play with it unattended. But it sure makes a de-lish frozen treat. I surprised Tay tonight with 1: chicken cordon blu and 2: our own little pinkberry fro-yo station! I put out six toppings- raspberries, linyon berry preserves, blackberries, Mexican chocolate sauce, milk chocolate chunks and whopper pieces. I’m the best wife ever. I seriously suggest trying this for yourself!


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