Oy Vey, The Pictures Already

8 Shoots, 42 Hours and exactly 2,687 pictures later, We have engagement photos. Wow, what a weekend. Our wonderful friend, and talented Photographer extraordinaire, Joel H. did the honors, snapping a ton a really great moments, and also some incredibly silly ones. Tay and I would like to publicly thank those who helped us pull it all off:

Casey - Model, hat holder and props lady
Jeremy- Model and a wee bit o' transportation
Cayla G- Model, Hair MIRACLE WORKER
Ryan P- Model
Keith E- Model
Joel H- The most amazing man who ever lived (after Jesus)
It was a ton a fun, and completely, wonderfully Tay and I. We're picking bunches of keepers out of the thousands presently, and will be able to post them soon after some editing. Keep your eyes peeled for that. Until then, here are a few to wet your whistle.

You thought we were kidding about the prison jumpsuit, didn't you?


onawa said...

POST A FREAKIN ALBUM ALREADY! I'M DYING AND I CAN'T BLOW EM UP TO SEE DETAILS!!! COME ON COME ON!!!! They're awesome! Totally not surprised one bit! you guys are a hoot.... love em!

The Johnson's said...

Love your pics!! I agree with O put up an album!! You guys are a riot! Love it!!!

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