Some Inspiration

Momma sent me some wedding books in the mail. Thanks Mom! Its provided some much needed inspiration on the wedding front. My favorite idea, which Tay LOVES, is paper lanterns. I think we're in agreement about having a tent as the location, hopefully in front of the groovy arbour Tay's rents scoped out. As it turns out, paper lanterns are super affordable and come in tons of crazy colors, sizes and shapes. We could go with one color in tons of sizes, or mix and match to our hearts desire. Tell me that a tented ceiling full of paper lanterns wouldn't be just awesome. I dare you.

Lanterns: http://www.lunabazaar.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWCATS&Category=230&gclid=CJz16tGQhZYCFQSwFQodoT0uFw


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