A Little Help from Our Friends.

Hey everybody! Don't you just love the freedom that Friday brings?!

Anyway, Tay came up with a groovy idea for wedding party gifts. We have a wonderful friend, Josh, who went to Africa with Wishing Well. He has an awesome clothing company, Gilgal Clothing. They just so happen to have the coolest tee-shirts in the world. How about this one for everybody---

Go to the site and click on the green shirt on the end. It says "Come Thou Fount", which is one of my favorite songs IN THE WORLD and also one that Tay and I would love to perform at the wedding--- Sigh. Love Love Love Fridays.

check 'em out!



Anonymous said...

Hay! I'm living in the U.S.A. Does that mean I get to hold the chuppa? Also, we need to talk. I'm pregnant. It's yours.

sincerely, the best roommate you'll ever have. yes. better than your future husband. will he want to talk about tyra banks with you before bed? I don't think so.

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