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I'm told it's time to register for all that awesome wedding junk that married couples get for getting hitched. So Tay and I have been working on getting those up and running for you to check out. We have a couple options with many different things on there. The coolest one (in my opinion) is the Ten Thousand Villages- a fair trade group that enables you to purchase hand made stuff for your homes without all that economically irresponsible blech. Even if you don't really see yourself purchasing anything from there, take a look anyway; there are some really neat items on the site. To enable those who prefer more mainstream stores, we've also enlisted Macy's. While they don't have the cleanest record, they seem to be ok as long as you avoid Kohl's.We'll keep updating and adding stuff, maybe another registry, who knows? We are doing our best to avoid Walmart or Target. Did you know they are some of the worst sweatshop employers in the world? Yeah. No thanks. Thus the more nontraditional registries. Now, just because we aren't registering at some of the bigger stores doesn't mean we are going to turn our noses up at anything. Believe us, we will be most grateful for any gift we receive. That being said, we Love you all!

Ck and TW

Urban Outfitters- Check wishlists For Taylor and Courtney Walling (Charlotte, NC). This is primarily for fun, funky decorating...comfy house stuff along with a few super causual dishes. We think our college friends in particular will love this stuff (also anyone who doesn't take themselves too seriously). At least take a look if you're in need of a giggle.
Macy's- Check wedding registries for Taylor and Courtney Walling ( I think), October 09. This is all the fancy dining/kitchen/electronics/baking stuff. We're pretty sure if you don't find stuff on the other registries (or you're not a hippie) you'll dig the stuff on this one. There are literally a billion and half things on here with tons of price ranges. So have at it. (And Thanks!) By the way, those of you on the ball- this one won't be in the system for a few days, so give it until next week probably.
Ten Thousand Villages -Check for Taylor Walling. This one is just awesome. It has some casual glass ware, linens, and homey stuff that married people sign up for. This one is our favorite as its all handmade and fair trade.


casey Latham said...

Did you know that on Ten Thousand Villages, that the city is listed as Charlottle, NC?

Anonymous said...

Yup, thats where we're havin the weddin'...'member?


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