I Love *This* Man

I feel the need to be a total goober and gush about the handsome face above. That's right, I'm marrying that man...with the face. And why? You may be asking (after taking a gander then shuddering). Because he is not only good to me and his mom, but to everyone around him. He's just all around nice. And in the crazy, mixed up, selfish, backwards world we're living in today, a little Christian kindness counts for a lot. Example: he bought me a professional racing bathing suit, the kind that go down to your knees (think Phelps), just so I would feel more comfortable exercising at the pool. He helps me buy my groceries, makes me dinner and even rubs my feet after long rehearsals. What a guy. Who wouldn't want to come home to that everyday? I can't wait to.
Love you, Che.


onawa said...

love the new look of the blog, but my two cents. can't read your copy font on the brown. blue on brown = not easy to read. Maybe change font color to white on this area. Thanks!

~your committed blogger friend

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