Location Location Location

Tay and his rents checked out a few places that have some ceremony potential. My favorite so far is this one:

I think that arbor would be so cool to use, don't you? The house and lands are one big estate with an annabellum house in the middle. Isn't it cute? Just imagine how pretty it would be in the fall, with all the leaves. mmmmm I love fall. More location stuff later.


Anonymous said...

just one note-you do realize that September in Charlotte is Hurricane season..?


Anonymous said...

It would be in Mid October, Dad.

Anonymous said...

umm I hate to be a stickler for details, but technically the hurricane season is June 1 to Nov 1 -- so although mid october is not september, it is still hurricane season
Love your cousin Jess
P.S. I do however love the spot very nice and pretty and I have enjoyed reading the blog :-)

onawa said...

Oh yes, gorgeous! Do it! October? Is this what you're planning?

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