By George, We've Got It

Yesterday, Mum, Olivia and I went on a little wedding excursion in search of inspiration. I'm pleased to report it was a very successful trip. We visited Rediscoveries in Butte, possibly the best Vintage shop in Montana. There we found exactly what we were hoping for: a color scheme in the form of a beautiful 1940's silk curtain panel (pictures to come). It has just about all the colors Tay and I love; lots of greens, a little light turquoise, some creamy browns and a little black. From there, things seemed to snowball. Moments later I happened upon about three yards of a very light bluish-green 1940's slipper satin. Very shiny, very soft, and oh so matchy. Now we not only had a color scheme, but the fabric for a bridesmaid dress- light Turquoise, with the curtain panel print for a sash. Yay! But wait, it gets better....

We popped over to Bozeman to check out Totally Vintage Apparel, a super groovy vintage shop crammed full with hats, shoes, funky circle skirts and one very large, very drooly black great dane. Of course I tried on all the hats, just as I had at Rediscoveries (two of which Rediscoveries will hold on to for me). It was a fun little side trip, but little did we know, fate was calling us downtown... I spotted a little store called "Hey Day". It was featuring our new color scheme in the window, so we just had to go in. Hey Day is a another funky store selling kitchen and bedroom wares. Mom found a pile of ribbon that perfectly matched not only the greens in the pattern, but the light turquoise in the slipper satin! Ka-razy. Needless to say, Mom bought a TON. In summary, we now have colors, bridesmaid dress fabric, and ribbon for ...what ever ribbon is used for in a wedding. Yay! The next few goals: a general guest list, a pattern for bridesmaid dresses, and the beginnings of announcements and invitations (featuring graphic designer extraordinaire Onawa L.).




Casey said...

that's so exciting!

onawa said...

Totally exciting! Can't wait to get started on the invites! Your colors sound magnifico! Fun shopping in MT! Jealous! You're on your way to a PERFECT wedding! LOVE YOU!

The Johnson's said...

WOO HOOO! So exciting! You are going to have a fantastic wedding!

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