Offical? Or not Offical?

Tay and I have begun our version of the engagement. No rings, that's not our style. But we are vegetarians until the wedding. Its our fast of sorts to remind us of our call to spiritual and physical purity for another year. So is it "official" without the ring? It doesn't really bother us either way. Just know that we really like each other :) .
While we haven't nailed down a date yet, we're honing in on late summer to early fall 2009. We post info when we have it. We should be posting tons of fun stuff soon.
We've been so blessed by God to be together, and we want to share that joy will all of you, so please check back every once and while to get more wedding details. Be blessed,



orlinden@cox.net said...

So excited for you both! Looking forward to more posts on the big event! Love yas!

The Johnson's said...

How exciting!! I too look forward to more posts! YIPPEEE!!!!

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