Wedding Dress Options Continued

I haven't heard back from Whirling Turbans (Le Sigh), however, I still have faith they will contact me with a price quote very soon (especially after my polite reminder email). In the meantime, here's another lovely vintage-y wedding dress option:

I've been carrying this photo around for years. I saw it in one of my friends magazines and ripped it out. "Mine!" To be honest, this is "the dress" I've pictured since first seeing it three years ago. I've looked for suit patterns similar to it, thinking maybe someday I might be able to recreate it. Here is a vogue pattern that could have potential:

The suit jacket and full skirt is what interested me. While not a perfect match, they are closer than what I've seen so far. With the expertise of a talented seamstress, and I know a few.... I think its still an option (all be it a stretch of one). The reason its still somewhat under consideration (even though its a more complicated option) is because Tay loves it. His initial reaction to the first option from whirling Turban was a little underwhelmed because like me, he sees the dress above on that special day. Sigh. So this makes option number two. Tune in for more!


casey said...

I remember that picture, but I didn't know all this time that you were considering it for a wedding dress. I hope it works out for you and Taylor!

onawa said...

So I love the dress!!! So gorgeous! Love the details! And the suit, you like the jacket and then you'd have a skirt to go with? I'm a little confused......

Rebecca said...

I think the dress is adorable. Very pretty, love the vintage styles.

Linda said...

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