Color Choices anyone?

Partially because I have nothing else to do right now, partially because my Mom wants to see them, and partially because, heck, I wanna, I'm putting up some color pallets that Tay and I are considering for the wedding junk (invites and the like). Green is my absolute favorite color (it borders on a sickness) and Tay is lacking in the favorite color...ness, so all of our choices (so far) include green. Mind you, we still haven't set a date, and probably wont for another few weeks, so colors might change depending on season. Which ones do you like? Feel free to comment, you don't have to have an account to do so. If you need a larger veiw of the colors, just click on them.

This first little number features several shades of green ranging from limey to cool blue-green, a brownish color, and black and white. I like the idea of many shades of green, with the cleanliness of the black and white. It looks pretty classy to me. This one is super bold, a big plus for me and Tay.

This one to the right is somewhat similar but with a cool blue in there. I think it gives the color combo a jewel tone feel- pretty hip if you ask me. There isn't as much green, so maybe this would be a nice balance? There is also no black. A warm brown takes its place. This would be handy if the wedding takes place outside, I think. Not as bold as the first choice, but also probably more versatile, location and season wise.

This one is a lot more simple, just Cream, black and green, and maybe a little brown. I'm not completely into this one, it seems a little too subtle for me and Tay. Still, its probably a cheaper way to go---less color to incorporate. I think this one has a lot of room to bring in nature-y things---branches, leaves, birds, etc. I would like to put nature-y things in, but I'm not sure if Tay and I want to go the realistic route or a funkier route (yet to be revealed...).

This one to the right is cool because it has maroon in it, the closest thing to Tay's favorite color. It also has green (surprise!), and cream/white. I'm sure black would be added in as well. I don't think this is as funky as we'd like it. Maybe we could punch the colors up a bit and add more variations on the existing colors. I'm not completely in love with it, to be honest, but I really love the idea of putting maroon in there for the man, while keeping the green/white combo in.

So what do you think? Comment!




firestargirl13 said...

Hey Corky!! Its Olivia!! I am sooooo sooooo sooooo sooooo sooooo happy for you and Taylor!!! Yippee!!!!To tell you the truth, I really like all of the colors, and I think its cool that you two want to escape the traditional black and white and go for something more like yourselves!! I love the green idea, its funky and fresh and awesomely different!! But I also like the idea of having Taylors favorite color too. Both are bold colors and they match!
Whatever you two decide I'm sure it is going to be great!! I love you both SOOOO much and I am SOOO glad that you're get married!! :)
Love, Olivia

tofulovesyou said...

bah! this is exciting. my favorite is the first one, with the pretty greens. but i think if you add the maroon in there it would be perfect. it adds to the jewely-ness of it. if you find a pretty jewel maroon. the bold colors would be awesome.
jillian holley

Rebekah said...

I do not like the date called 'May 29th, 2009' for your wedding to Sir Walling because you will be busy at the one and only Parker Extravaganza, aka, my wedding.

You look good in anything so I won't comment there. Find something unique and cheap that you feel comfortable in.


Rebekah Noelle Bruce

orlinden@cox.net said...

Ooooo they're all gorgeous. I really like the 2nd one... green, brown, cream... and you could just throw in hints ... subtle hints of maroon.... letting your main colors stand... green/brown/cream. i do like the first green with the blue/green too. But I think #2 for me. And of course black goes with them all! Oh I love these colors and i love you and I love weddings and and and..... can't wait to see more Court! I think antique/vintage for all. oooooo so fun! weddings are soooooooo fun!

casey Latham said...

well I don't know if i can pick a certain pallete, but i do like the creams, browns, and nature greens together.

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