"Let the Tree Hug You"

I did a little poking around on the web and found (via the fantastic Offbeat Bride crew) Simple wooden Rings at http://www.simplywoodrings.com/ . Wow. These mama-jammas are little pieces of art. The best part? They are completely ecologically responsible-- no blood diamonds here. We love this wedding set in Mahogany or Rosewood. (Mahogany because it's beautiful, and Rosewood because it is what most stringed instruments...guitars....are made of--symbolism!)

Each ring is lovingly hand crafted from any selection of wood you choose. You can even send in your own. Just imagine wearing that violin you've loved so much on your finger forever. Care is easy, just avoid prolonged water exposure. And for only about $275 we can purchase matching rings. What a deal.


onawa said...

good deal lady! so fun!

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