The Foundation of Our Choices

It's important for us to communicate right off the bat that the reason Courtney and I are making several non-traditional and offbeat choices is because we feel these choices best illustrate who we are as a couple, and all of our choices help to remind us that God is the most important part of our union. I know that Courtney and I would never survive as a couple without God, and we will never be a strong couple if we don't trust in God. Because marrying someone is one of the biggest steps you can take in your life, we've tried our best to make every intentional effort to keep God at the forefront of our minds throughout this process. I believe that an engagement, or a commitment, or a fast, or any choice that involves marrying someone should be wholly rooted in a common love for God and a realization that the love between two people comes from God.

I admit that the traditional engagement seems a little too exclusive to the couple, instead of being a reminder to the couple and to everyone who knows them that God is the reason for any union. On top of that, Courtney and I have talked and prayed and decided that some of the traditions in weddings are simply there because people have been doing them for years without wholeheartedly questioning why. While we're not saying those traditions are particularly bad or foolish, neither Courtney nor I wish to be caged in as a couple by traditions that we don't really like.

All that to say, we hope our choices as a couple simply remind you of God and the blessings He continues to shower upon all of us, because I wouldn't have Courtney if God hadn't blessed me with her.

Otherwise, this wedding is going to be a lot of fun and I'm excited to see how else we can make our wedding as creative and spiritual as possible. Thanks for reading, and please pray for us as we begin this wonderful, scary, stressful, exciting journey.




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you two crack me up! "deep thoughts" by ck & tay! all I'm sayin' is.... HAVE FUN NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO!!! I think that's a quote from jesus himself!!!

love you two hooligans!

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