Back. And Better Than Ever.

Hi kids,

Sorry, Tay and I have been totally overwhelmed by the musical. But its all done now. It was great by the way. I hope some of you got to come out and see it, its was a real blast and a pleasure to be in. If you want to check out what it was like, check out my School Blog:
Backstage Pass.
Anyway, back to business. We're having an engagement party at Tays rent's place in Charlotte over Thanksgiving break. I've never had an engagement party before (duh) so I'm not entirely sure what to expect. Tay and I will be playing a little which should be fun. All in all its going to be a casusal, fun, meet Tay's main sqeeze party thing. Yay! Party. So thats life right now. Here's a little picture bliss.


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