Bridal Shower Numero Dos...Done

Wow. What. A. Haul.

Consider the towels, potholders, and aprons done.

The fabulous church ladies of the Rocky Mountain Church of Christ really outdid themselves on Saturday. We had a very tasty potluck brunch packed with THE BEST artery clogging goodness that church ladies can provide. I modeled my wedding dress, showed off the bouquet and boutonnieres and oh yeah: GOT TONS OF GREAT KITCHEN STUFF.

I got utensils up to my eyelids and its a good thing too- we were in serious need some whisks and wooden spoons! My grandma, the ever talented seamstress, hand made me some awesome one-of-a-kind place mats- our first, a vintage style apron out of vintage fabric and my wedding purse! Also made from a vintage brocade. She really is a super grandma. Brenda also made a really nice, earthy-colored apron. Its just perfect for Tay, and I know he'll love it! I was also showered with gift cards, which will be great for anything in our registries that didn't get purchased. Not to mention the great new recipes and recipe book that Carol gave me. She had all the ladies contribute some of their best recipes. What a creative and ck&tay appropriate gift! I would have gotten pictures but I was a little busy. Does anyone have any from Saturday?


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