That Darn Bolero.

You might have been wondering lately where's the bolero I've been knitting? Well, I finished it! Sadly, it doesn't have the fit appropriate for the dress itself. It really needs a collar and cuffs. While I did consider knitting those, I soon realized that I didn't have enough matching yarn left to do both. Also, I'd have to create my own color and cuff patterns and I'm just to busy with everything else to experiment with that. Instead, I found a lovely shrug pattern on Etsy (surprised?) It knits up pretty quick as the yarn is on the chunky side and the needle gage is large. I purchased two skeins of lovely Ivory soy wool (so soft!) and when I combine the left over yarn from the previous shrug, it has a nice texture and glow. Here's what the etsy pattern sample picture looks like:I've almost finished knitting up the colar already. Pictures of the real thing to come!


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