A Public Announcement

I've been getting alot of gift questions lately, mostly along the lines of what we still need. So to help you out I'll let you in on that:

Mostly we need smaller, but essential kitchen and bath things:
  • wooden spoons
  • spatulas
  • kitchen towels
  • potholders (you can never have too many!)
  • a spoon rest
  • cleaning supplies, including broom, mop, bucket, sponges, toilet brush, plunger, duster, etc. (please note: if any of you generous peoples do want to purchase cleaning products, candles or like, be sure they are lightly scented or unscented. I'm unfortunately sensitive to any flower or chemical smells. I'd love to be able to enjoy all of your generous gifts, so please keep that in mind. Scents like vanilla, cucumber, or a very light lavender are usually OK. Thanks for choosing carefully! XOXO)
  • kitchen or bath rugs
  • goofy fridge magnets or magnetic poetry (also, you can never have too many!)
  • trivets
  • soap holder
  • ironing board
  • any organizational tools-boxes, hooks, or the like

Also, feel free to pass on any books (fiction, good marriage books, cook books, or anything!), art, Christmas ornaments, or general house things that you've loved before but needs a new home. Being thrifty is not a crime! Tay and I would love anything with a history. Don't feel you absolutely must stick to the registries. Some of the most heartwarming and memorable gifts have been handmade, pre-loved, or otherwise unusual. Take for example (my personal favorite), a hand knitted pair of Christmas stockings with our names on them (our first as a couple!). How sweet, thoughtful, and will be cherished for years to come. We've also received some lovely Christmas ornaments (I love Christmas!), and even a few thoughtful gifts that are nods to southern and family tradition. Tradition is so important in making a family, so if any of you wonderful church ladies have traditions you'd like to share with or pass onto us, we would be very honored and thankful.

If all else fails, visit our online registries, located to right side of the screen at the tippy top. Macy's is located in Helena, and Charlotte has well...everything in town! I hope this gives you a better idea of what would benefit Tay and I most. Much love!!!



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