Onawa the Invite-Magician

Good things are coming together this weekend, including the invites. Onawa L. has pulled it off again and made us some fantastic, custom designs (which unfortunately I can't show you, I want it to be a surprise, sillies). While you won't be seeing the invites, not for a while anyway, I can show you a few very important elements that I've purchased:

Starting with Stamps! I have this undying love affair with etsy (I'm finding that most brides do), so naturally, the stamps come direct from one of etsy's best sellers, Terbearco. To cut some printing corners, the postcard RSVPs will be printed on the front and stamped on the back with this lovely mock-vintage postcard stamp. Lovin' it.
For the back of the outside envelope, Onawa recommended a little birdie stamp. Onawa asks and I deliver, baby! Check out this little tattoo inspired number for the envelope:
Thanks etsy!
I've been looking at envelopes and enclosures for days, and when I say days I mean 24/7. Originally I was going to use the double envelope, a request from Mamma Walling. (It really is a good thing that people who know wedding rules are around, as I know nadda) The double envelope is super tradish and nice but seemed a little stiff for our less than white-tie affair. Onawa has used these groovy pocket folders for other wedding invites she's designed. Cool often means expensive and this little number is no exception, like $1.40 per pocket folder expensive. Youch. Fortunately I found a much cheaper alternative ($.41) at PaperSource.com.

The A7 envelopes, also from PaperSource come in a ga-jillion colors, but Onawa and I liked "gravel" the best. To top the whole thing off, I'll tie the enclosure shut with some texture-iffic wool yarn and a little feather (seeing as I have hundreds left over from various wedding projects).

So there you have it. Hopefully, these will be ready to take to the printer by Monday morning. Can't wait!


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