That was an eventful vacation. So eventful, in fact, that I couldn't possibly cram it all into one post. So I won't! I'll post it all bit by bit, starting with THE WORLD'S LARGEST BRIDAL SHOWER. I would have to guess over 60 women came through my very first bridal shower on Sunday afternoon. I'm guessing that because I have over 90 thank you notes to compose now, but I know not everyone who gave a gift was there.
The run down:
1: lots of guests = lots of gifts. Sure this sounds great, but after two solid hours of riping boxes open, one does begin to tire.
2: Do brides ever get to eat the food at these things? I didn't eat at the engagement party, I barely ate anything at the shower, and people keep telling me that I won't even see the food at the wedding. It's ironic really, some of the tastiest foods around at the these things, but the guests of honor never get to touch it. ...I should really go to more weddings.
3: Opening a present never seems that daunting a task until 80 pairs of eyes are on you and suddenly you can't seem to untie a simple ribbon. Being forced to tear open a package with your teeth is just embarrassing. Fortunately for me, I opened every gift (with only a little trouble).
4: Messy. These things are messy. Paper everywhere! But that's nothing compared to the gift bomb that went off in the Family dining room shortly after the shower commenced:

The shower was great, in other words. Lots of loot, tons of ladies telling me I'm beautiful AND I had a refreshing drink accidentally tossed in my face (a story for another time). Whats not love?!
Most memorable gift- the cut glass jar given to us by Tay's Parent's in honor of his Grandfather who loved cut glass
Cutest gift- hand knitted Christmas stockings. They have our names and everything!
The gifts that made Tay's eyes pop- the fondue set, the cutco ice cream scoop (the best in the world!), the 14 inch wok, and the little metal prep bowls (I'm thinking Taylor's love of Condiments is getting a little out of hand)
The gifts that made My eyes pop- The Ice Cream Maker, The wonderful bedding provided by Tay's California relatives, Anything and everything from Ten Thousand Villages, Enough super soft green towels to make a towel fort.
The gift that reminded us how excited we are to be married- The Silverware place settings purchased by Taylor's Grandma, with the attached note: "I Pray you have many happy meals together."

Thanks to all of you who made Sunday such a special day!
Thanks to Liz and Kendyl who helped me unwrap gifts, write down gifts, and most importantly tell me who was who!
And an extra special thankyou to my three lovely shower hostesses! You are amazing!


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