A bouquet?! For ME?!

Remember that post oh so long ago when I was bride-whining about "oh bouquets are so boring" and "I don't want living flowers" and waaahhhh wah wah? Well, I can cry no longer because I have the bouquet I wanted in paper courtesy of Saint Jude's creations on etsy. You can view her complete blog, including more info about my bouquet here.

I gave her a few guidelines, the overall feel of the wedding and told her to do whatever she wanted (just make it look good). And she delivered:

Those are paper gray poppies and cream colored ranunculus (two of my favorite flowers!) and for added vintage effect, she included some clay orange blossoms. I just love all the little stamens, which it looks like she might have hand painted. Oh and the feathers? Her idea and I think they're perfect! The flowers are all hand made and hand dyed by the artist herself.

The great part about this paper bouquet is that I can keep it around for as long as I want. Maybe someday my little niece or daughter can carry it. The other added benefit is the vast array of colors available. Sure, gray poppies don't exist in nature, nor would many flowers in October. By using paper, I had a much wider selection of flowers and colors available to me. Not to mention, the price for a little, one-of-a-kind piece of art was extremely reasonable!

On top of ordering my bouquet at Saint Jude's Creations, I also ordered an extra dozen of the same flowers to go in the bridesmaids wedding corsages and on the wedding cake. Yay for tying everything together!

Way to go Marie! Thanks for a great wedding nosegay!


ann said...

Love it!

MARIA said...

thanks so mcuh for the review! appreciate it -would love to see the wedding pictures!

it was my pleasure to make them for you.


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