Getting it Done, One Cream Colored Shirt at a Time

Let me tell you, its completely unfair that I should have two incredibly helpful and generous moms backing me up through this whole wedding jive. My mom (and Tom of course), the unabashed foodie, has laid out an entire tasty menu, complete with food stations featuring Tay and I's favorite foods. Not only that, but mom has committed herself to baking countless dozens of cookies (a Pennsylvania Tradition). Then of course there is the constant planning, getting dresses made, putting up with a stubbornly nontraditional bride, etc...She's been an asset.

This past weekend was a great time for Cathryn, the mom-in-law to be, and I get get a whole list of stuff done.

First and Foremost....we have a cake! What a load off. And what a deal! We went to Harris Teeter of all places, where Cathryn had heard they make some tasty cakes. Well, the reason the cakes are so tasty is because they come from one of the best bakeries in town- Tizzerts in Charlotte. The cakes, I'm told, are super moist and typically go for over $10 a slice. So it was good news for us that by going through the grocery store the price was a fraction of that. The choices are limited, you can pick between between five all white cakes of varying decoration, and the icing comes from the store, not the bakery. The cake is a wonderful vanilla cream cheese pound cake. The cake lady was very helpful and gave us a free cupcake in order to try the icing, which was very smooth and will work just fine! Here's the cake tasting:

Also...free cupcake! Here's the general idea:
Cornelli lace on three round tiers. Instead of the piping on the bottom of each tier, like in the picture, mom will attach fondant ribbon of some tasty color. Then, to top it off, my little bird under a bell jar topper. So sweet and Simple. And perfect. Also....Free Cupcake!

Next we headed over to Burlington and bought more french cuffed, cream colored shirts than anyone could ever want. Also, four very vintage looking, very nice cream and greyish plaid ties for the groomsmen and one very creamy, very handsome striped tie for a very handsome, very dreamy groom. Top that off with cuff links all around and add it to the dark grey Express suits the menfolk will all be sporting and voila! A very sharp looking bridal party. I'd show you pictures, but I would most certainly be killed. Consider the men (mostly) done! And all thanks to Cathryn!

We talked through and acquired some dish samples for the reception. No decision on that one yet, but its getting closer. Cathryn also showed me the wonderful centerpieces she's been working on for the reception. You can see below how the Walling-Knapp wedding has eaten the Walling home:

Aren't they great? I knew she was the gal for the job. Jeff told me she purchased just about every birdcage and birdhouse this side of Charlotte. Works for me! There's going to be lots of cages, candles, jars and moss-exactly what I love. Way to go Cathryn!

Also invites! Word is I'll be getting some proofs from a certain talented designer friend (the gal you can thank for our poster-tastic save the dates) very soon. That means assembly will begin this week! Now I only have to find envelopes, postage, card stock and a printer......A bride's work is never done.


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