Keep 'Em Coming

I'm up to 69 yeses so far on the wedding. Thats 30 paper RSPV's and 4-5 via the web. Keep 'em coming! Don't forget, you can RSVP via our knotsite on the top left. Only a very few more invites to send out then I'm all done.

Can't wait to cross it off the list!

In the meantime, what did you think of the invites?


caseybeth said...

Loved them! Onawa did a great job!

onawa said...

personally I LOVE EM!!!! hee hee!!! They are super fun and after all that work... they are a HUGE SUCCESS! Especially if you already have like over 70 responses!!!

fyi... im not sending in our rsvp k? I want to keep mine!!!! Then I'll have a complete invite!!! heee hee!

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