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In other news, the bridesmaid corsages are all done. Yes! Mom, Olivia (bridesmaid #3) and I devoted the labor day afternoon to making these little suckers. And they really did take the whole afternoon, believe me.

A little back story: You may be asking "why corsages and not bouquets?" Well, since you asked, the bridesmaids are going to have their hands full. Not only are they my bridesmaids, they are official huppah holders. That is, they will be holding up the four poles of the huppah along with the groomsmen. So, no room for a bouquet in this wedding. Also...I just adore a good wrist corsage, don't you?
It took an hour or so of playing around with the materials to figure how to make them functional. The first hurdle: what to attach them to? Plain old ribbon didn't seem stable enough to really keep them in check. Fortunately for me, I have a super resourceful mom (two, actually, counting Cathryn). She talked a friend/flower lady into selling her some florist corsage bases. It was simple to insert a ribbon over the uggo elastic. From there, it was simply a matter of arranging all the flowers and doo-dads to make them look cohesive. We attempted to tie some elements together- my headpiece, the already completed boutonnieres, the huppah (in progress) and my professionally made paper bouquet. We used the vintage grey millinery leaves from my headpiece, the ribbon and feathers from the boutonnieres, salvage huppah fabric, and of course, the beautiful custom made paper flowers from St. Jude's creations to accomplish this masterful feat. Here's a look at the trio together- the maids on the outside, the maid of honor in the middle.
Yes, those are the vintage broaches I posted so so so long ago. Each of them are detachable so when the wedding is over, my dear sweet bridesmaids can toss the passe corsages and keep the awesome broaches. Booya, bridesmaids gift! I'm a genius. Also chock up another one for a vintage themed wedding.

And yes, mom's shelties did play an integral part in the making of these corsages. Witness:


ann said...

So gorgeous! I love them!

MARIA said...

just saw them -wow! you are CRAFTY! love how they turned out and pretty happy you like the flowers! Love the dotted ribbon and the brooch details-where did you get the ribbons from? -ha- never found anything close to that in my ribbon hunts!!:-)

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