The Huppah Sage Continues

Been a while since I showed you any progress on the huppah.
Getting Closer......Good news! I found the backing fabric for the huppah. I had it the whole time! So that saves me a pretty penny. Whew.

I've been thinking of creative guestbook alternatives for a few weeks now. Mom said people don't really look at their own guestbooks very often and that having something for people to sign that we can display would be a more meaningful alternative. Signed picture frames are a little too common for the likes of Tay and I. How about signing the huppah? I've been thinking of sewing a sturdy canvas-like border around the main huppah panel that would signable, but thick enough so that ink wouldn't seep through to the backing. I did some poking around today and spied out some grey canvas at a fabric store that would work. I think we could probably display it before the ceremony on the gift table where people could sign it as they enter, use it during the wedding, then lay it out again at the reception so it can continue to collect signatures.
What do you think?


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