The last of the Bridal Showers has passed, and what a shower!  Not only did I score some great loot (Blender! Microwave! Salad spinner! Bowls! Trays!....you name it!), but I got to spend a few precious hours with some super fun ladies. 

I arrived Saturday morning at the church building to find a tea all laid out.  I love tea parties!  My wonderful hostesses, Donna and Judy really laid out quite the spread, even tiny fancy sandwiches.  It felt very special. 

We played funny wedding word games at the table while sipping tea (all of which I cheated on, and none of which I won).  My personal favorite had to be the fill in the blank love letter using only names of veggies and fruits- I put "leek"  in every blank.

When it came time to open the gifts, I was overwhelmed by the sheer size and number of all the wonderful gifts these generous ladies had laid out for me.  To my surprise, I received not only practical gifts, but also a beautiful pearl necklace from Patrice, and several...shall we say...more private attire-related items.  The most shocking gift of the day? Without a doubt the can of whipped cream and sprinkles from Andrea.  Boy was my face red.  Nice one, Andrea.  Some day, I'll pay you back.... In close second-  the smallest pair of underoos I've ever seen from, even more shockingly, my little sister. 

It all wrapped up with Donna, who (without my knowlege) had been writing down everything I said while opening gifts and who then repeated it out loud to everyone in a very scandolus fashion...

These Church of Christ ladies, they sure can party.


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