Finally finished the programs (or finished my end of the deal anyway).

To save on costs AND ensure extra awesome-ness, Mom and I went with this idea (which isn't mine at all, and is completely stolen):

They are paperboard CD cases with velum/paper inserts for the program.  Cool eh?

We began our programs with creating a stamp image to emboss on the front (I did it all by myself, thankyou).  I then punched each case and inserted eyelets into each spine.

We then embossed 200 CD cases, which took FOREVER, but was completely worth it.

From there, I printed a velum coversheet and inner paper inserts for each program, also punched twice for spine.

Finally, I strung teal ribbon through the holes and topped it all off with a bow.

Next, Tay's fam will print CD's of our original music to insert in each case slot. 

Love it. 

I love it even more now that its done.


ann said...

You are soooooo awesome. Can't wait to see pictures of the big day! :)

onawa said...

girly I'm sorry I couldn't help you with this one, it just got too darn crazy around here!!! ahhhh! but I have to say, yours is WAYYYY COOLER than anything I could have done anyhow!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!!!! AMAZING!!
i love you sweets!

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