Satisfaction Reached.

Today I'm multi tasking. I'm currently:
  • soaking my feet as part of a home pedicure
  • eating smoked oysters (my Uncle Terry would be SO proud)
  • Blogging, of course
  • Working on the huppah

And, to top that off, I've just finished my shrug! I had finished the lacy 3/4 cut sleeve one that I began last Christmas. However, I was unsatisfied with the fit. So the search began for a better pattern. I found a great one on etsy that knitted up quick due to the chunky yarn and large gauged needles. It called for crochet sleeves, which I had never done before. I learned this: crochet is really easy. So. Much. Easier. Than. Knitting. And quicker. Once I picked it up, it only took a week to finish the whole shabang.

I originally wanted 3/4 cut sleeves, which the original pattern did not include. Once I did a test sleeve, I found it looked too bulky. In fact, the cap sleeve looks really cute. So I'm keeping it. Here's my very first crochet:

Its hard to believe that this-Turned into this-
Love it!

Now something else occurs to me: A little grey crochet flower for the shrug? Also, the dress needs a belt of some kind. would anyone we willing to knit or crochet a little lacy belt for moi? Or, even direct me to a good pattern? I would be ever so grateful....


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