The Nest: Entryway

Now that we've been settled into the new Nest for over two months, (and almost everything is out of boxes) its time to start the nesting tour (OK Grandma, you win).  First up is the entry way, which currently leaves much to be desired. 
The entryway should signal what the rest of the home looks like, and this entry isn't cutting it.  Sadly the apartment was built in the "we don't need any natural light" days, so its dark.  Its also fairly narrow, and opens up into a weird triangle shape.

On the right you can see the two bedrooms and the door to left is the bathroom.  Straight ahead is the Chuppah I embroidered for our wedding.  Its so big, that nook seems to be the only place it can call home at the moment.  When I outfit the second bedroom as a craft room/office, it will likely live in there.

Another view of the entryway triangle.  You can better see the bathroom entrance here.  As you may have noticed, the hallway is half painted (a work in progress), with the odd diagonal wall painted in Sultana Green (Martha Stewart) and the other walls in a blueish turquoise whose name escapes me presently.  Fortunately, 75% of the apartment has hardwood floors.  No brown shag to contend with here. 

Finally, the view into the kitchen hallway.  I found little removable vinyl wall stickers at Papersource that perfectly match the color scheme.  They look super whimsical.  Sadly, Husband is not a fan (yet).  The bi fold doors on the right hide our washer/dryer.  More on that little space later.

The wall planner to the right is a little dumpster reject I found and painted with contrasting wall paint.  Now its our home for the letter sorter, bill/social calender and notes of encouragement from parishioners.  Please notice how many lovely notes we have up.  Our congregation is the best!

Here's the Entryway Project Breakdown so far:

-Paint all walls
-Clean out airvent/replace air filter
-Put up hat/scarf storage on Green wall
-Clean out black cubby, assign cubby spaces, add baskets
-Get/make a floor runner
-Replace/improve existing hall lighting
-Move Chuppah to new wall
-Put up storage or entry way seating on existing Chuppah wall
-Light Chuppah Wall
-Put up/make wall art and light it
-clean and repaint white trim work
-clean out Coat Closet, make visitor Friendly
-shoe storage?



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