The Nest: Bedroom

Next up on the Nest Tour is the bedroom.

We were fortunate enough to have a pre-painted bedroom when we moved in.  Grey!  My favorite color.  Well, one of them anyway.

We're still (technically) newlyweds, and appropriately we have less than a lot of furniture.  As a result, our bedroom is fairly spartan.  I'm digging it.  Of course the largest piece in the room is the lovely bed which always features our favorite wedding gift- our custom made quilt (in our wedding colors).  We nixed having side tables since they looked to cluttered, and instead went with a little charging station and a small set of overhead shelving from IKEA.  There is no overhead light in the room, so I installed the two bendable lamps onto the shelving.  They make a really nice glow at night when aimed at the wall. 

Across from the bed is the other piece of furniture in the room, the dresser.  You can see the jewelry hangers I made above the dresser.  To the left is our lovely walk-in closet (the largest closet I have personally ever owned).  It stores pretty much everything at the moment.  

I'd love to play up the grey on walls, eventually working in a Grey/Yellow/black/teal-green color pallet.  Here's the to-do decorating list:

-make or buy window treatments for the THREE huge windows
-make a large canvas rug
-replace the heavy wooden dresser with a smaller, vintage fixer-upper
-expand the shelving
-make or buy duvet cover/sheets in updated color scheme
-install light kit on ceiling fan
-install second charging station
-put up framed art

Next up on the tour: the bathroom.


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