Inspiration From Pinterest

Like 95% of American Crafters, I have a slight Pinterest Addiction.  Every morning in the nest, first thing up on the computer is my Pinterest page.  Yesterday I had a burst of Pinterest-inspired creativity.  I spotted a groovy jewelry hanger using, wouldn't you know it, a painted picture frame and some sticks.  I thought, "Why not?".  So here it is, my new necklace display.

All you need is a couple painted picture frames (fortunately, I had a few on hand), some sturdy branches, twine or strong string, and plently of hot glue.

Flip your frame(s) over and fit three or so sticks in the frame, trimming with shears.  Glue the sticks into the frame and let cool. 

While that cooled down, I had another brain wave- a similar idea to hang my earrings (which always get seperated and lost).  I flipped another frame over and pulled out some crafting string, gluing them across the back "artistically".

To make sure the strings would stay in place, I glued down some spare ribbon over the ends and placed a natural sheet of paper across the back.

To finish things up, I fixed some ribbony bows and hung 'em.  Even Husband says they're pretty cute.  Thats a win.

The break down:

-two painted frames...free
-hot glue...free


Not bad for and hour long project.


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