Yet Another Registry Update

I've had multiple questions and requests for clarifications regarding the registries...so here goes:

-sheets/bedding- I found out today that Tay and I have access to a queen mattress, so I've added sheets to the Macy's registry. These sheets match the duvet cover and sham set in the Urban Outfitters wish list. Sorry, the duvet and shams are online only, but it was the only set that combined my two very favorite things- birds and GREEN! I just couldn't resist. You understand.
-Urban Outfitters- I totally lied. I didn't update the UO registry. I've confessed this before you and God, so now we can all move on. whew. I feel so much better. The UO registry is actually a "wishlist" (which is actually a registry). Put in "Walling" for the last name and "Charlotte" for the city, and it should bring up "Taylor and CourtneyWalling". Thats us!
-Don't forget the Alternative Registry. Not all presents come from stores, infact, some of the best gifts have been pre-loved and deserve a new loving home. Tay and I love books, movies, and art. Anything you you would like to pass on to us, will be loved! There is also a request for foodstuffs. We need to fill our brandnew kitchen somehow! If you'd like to help in that way, simply ask me on the blog what we'd need and I'll gladly fill you in. Also, we've requested some Giftcards from Pier One and IKEA. Some feel that giftcards are impersonal, and thats totally fine! I'll do my best to keep the registries updated and full of different price ranges for that reason. But for those who can't come Alllllll the way to Charlotte, but would still like to bless Tay and I, the giftcards are a great (shipping free) option. Since neither of these (GREAT!) stores have registries, the giftcards are the best way to help us buy furniture.

All this to say, thanks to all of you who are so generous with your love, advice, and gifts!

- I just remembered ONE MORE THING. (I'm really not that great at this registry stuff, am I?) My wonderful future mother in law told me last night that MACY's is having an amazing sale, like 50-75% off some registry things. If you go into the store with a printed copy of our registry, MACY's will honor those prices! Wow! What a deal. So, everyone thank Cathryn W. for her insider info!


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