My Birdtastic Boutonnieres (Part Deux)

While I didn't get ANY feedback from this blog regarding my test run boutonniere (sad face), I did get tons from my Offbeat Bride page. The gals over there are great! To summarize, the first boutonniere I made was nice, but too busy. Most of the gals suggested I remove the mushies. So I played around with them for a few days. And I'm glad I did- I made three really great ones that all look different. What do you think?
Mom and I will kick into high gear come Friday and whip out a bunch. So...Do you like? Please, I beg you...tell me!


onawa said...

gorgeous and fun! could they use a few more flowers perhaps? I love how small they are though! cute cute!

Larinda said...

I like!! I agree with onawa, they need a little more "meat". I also agree with "the gals"--no shrooms. Love love love the idea though.

Larinda said...

I also like the one on the right the way the ribbon ends are flappin'.

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