Mason Jars...again?

I've been racking my brain, trying to think of unique ways to decorate the reception tables. I came across a new free online wedding magazine- Utterly Engaged - which has some wonderful nature inspired wedding themes. I love, in particular, one shot of a mason jar terrarium. They also have shots of bell jar versions as well. I figure mason jars would be A: cheaper, and B: tie the mason jar lanterns in. Here's the general idea (from Etsy.com):

It would be ideal to create a grouping, maybe 2 or 3 different sizes of terrariums. There are several wholesale jar sites that sell gallon and half gallon jars for around $7 a case- that's around $60 total for 24 jars. Wow. The. Internet. Is. Great. Period. With this idea, creating a cool centerpiece is as easy as throwing some moss in jar, adding a bird's nest and finishing it off with a candle. Booya. Centerpiece. Think the Mom's 'ull like it?


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