Wedding Bolero/Shug Thinger Continued

Just to prove that I have been working on it, here is my progress on the wedding shrug:

One whole sleeve done! Just to give you some perspective, because of the complex nature of the lace, it takes about an hour and a half to knit nine complete rows, or one set. Ouch. There are fourteen sets of nine per sleeve. Ouch. Not to mention when I screw up and have to rip out a few rows to fix it. Doubly ouch. Still, its coming along! Now, granted, I may not even decide to wear it after all. it might not go with the dress, who knows. But I can say it does keep me from going crazy, thinking about all the other wedding stuff I can even start on yet. Knitting=sanity.
The one thing I'm dreading...joining the two sleeves. It requires the taxing and complicated "Kitchener stitch", one that I'm told even accomplished knitters can have trouble with. Yeesh. So, if any of you wise mothers out there have advice regarding the Kitchener, I'm all ears!


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